Things To Think About Before You Buy

Before You Buy…..

Firstly, when you buy a new carpet you should expect it to fluff – this is called piling and will mean small balls of ‘fluff’’ will appear. This should settle down after a couple of weeks based on regular hoovering.


To Consider Before Buying

What is your budget, how long do you intend to have it for – will you perhaps change your colour scheme and decor in 12 months or 12 years? How much wear and tear will it be subjected too – these are just some of the questions you need to be asking yourself . As in life generally ….….. you pay for what you get with carpets!
Some carpets may be stain resistant, but no carpet is stain proof.

Man made fibres are very durable but prone to soiling unless treated with stain resistance.

Companies offering  “Free” fitting or underlay or both even will have to recoup the cost somehow – they will have to pay the fitter and the quality of the underlay may be questionable. They may regain some of this outlay by inflating the cost of gripper- rods or charge for cutting or delivery – WE MAKE SURE OUR PRICE IS OUR PRICE – NO HIDDEN EXTRAS GUARANTEED.

If you’re buying undelay always ask the store to show you the quality of the underlay they are going to use. Good quality underlay may last several years and may be used under your new carpet and possibly a future replacement. This is especially true in bedrooms.<br>

Felt backed carpets can be installed with or without underlay.
Invite the carpet store to measure up and give you an estimate. It is better to compare overall quotations rather than prices per square meter alone. WE PROVIDE AN ‘AT HOME’  NO OBLIGATION MEASURE AND SAMPLE SERVICE.

NEVER try to hide wiring or cables under flooring  . It may give a neater appearance but a fire resulting from such action may void your insurance.

If you decorate skirting boards or doors before having new flooring, allow several days for the paint to dry. Also allow wallpaper to dry sufficiently etc too.
Consider what you plan to do with your old carpet – If you’re offered ‘disposal’ by your fitter – make sure he’s using a registered ‘waste’ option