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We can advise you either over the phone or via our free fitting service when you come to make a decision about  your flooring. It’s important you get what you want at a price you want and we’ll help you get there.

All our new flooring is sourced via standard flooring industry trade routes and if we don’t have what you want , we can certainly find it for you.

We have a selection of flooring suitable for all rooms in your home with our large range of  reclaimed carpet tiles making  a extremely low cost and practical  option for some of your rooms if you’re looking to save a few pennies.


Our low cost recycled carpet tiles are graded by hand and are graded A to C dependant on the quality and wear visible on the carpet. You can find out more by looking at our detailed grading description or giving a member of the team a call to discuss your requirements on 01443 683123.

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