Reclaimed Carpet Tiles

Reclaimed Carpet Tiles

Our reclaimed carpet tiles are our most cost effective way of carpeting your home and on top of this CARPET TILES DO NOT WEAR OUT  AND IT IS REALLY EASY TO FIT AND REPLACE SECTIONS!

The colour and type of the reclaimed tiles available depends on what stock we have in the warehouse however with approximately 4000m2 of in our warehouse at any one time, we can generally meet your needs for both price and choice.

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Because the tiles are all either bitumen or pvc backed they are really durable. In addition, the use of modern adhesives mean that the tiles do not have any floor attached and due to their heavy nature lie flat on floor without curling or stretching. They are got rid of not because they've worn out but because the company has moved or refurbished or sometimes because they need some cleaning or areas have become sun-faded.

We sort  the reclaimed/recycled carpet tiles  into four grades, A,B,C & D, with A grade being those that show the least 'wear and tear. Grades A & B are most suitable for domestic use. The price per m2 is defined by the grade of tiles with A being the most expensive. All the tiles are whole tiles and are available in a large variety of colours dependant on what is in stock in the warehouse.

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