Big Hit Carpets

Big Hit
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Big Hit Carpets

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This value closed loop broadloom comes in eighteen attractive mixed earthy colour varieties. It is an excellent value for money carpet  that includes the latest stripe and square- pattern options. It does not require underlay but provides excellentd durability and style.

Product Description

This budget domestic carpet is felt backed meaning that there is no need for underlay as long as the sub-floor (the floor underneath) is in reasonable condition. There is a vast range of budget domestic carpet types, colours and patterns available, we have attempted to give you a good choice  across the ranges, patterns and prices. We can also price match any carpet that we aren’t currently marketing. Rolled carpet is recommended on stairs and landing and where you are seeking a softer ‘warmer’ under-feet floor. Rolled carpet comes in 4 and 5 metre widths dependant on the brand. All cut-pile carpet may develop light and dark patches caused by uneven crushing of the pile. ‘Shading’ is a natural phenomenon which is not a fault in manufacture but occurs depending on where the carpet is, it does not effect the durability of the carpet. Rolled carpet is produced in batches therefore there can be slight variations in colour per batch therefore exact colour matching can not be guaranteed.

The foam backed Big Hit  range comes in 18 attractive mixed colours including 4 attractive stripe patterns. It is an excellent value for money carpet  that  does not require underlay but provides good durability and style.


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