Why Buy?

Any flooring is better than bare concrete floors you are often faced with when moving into a property for the first time.  Without anything on the floor a room can feel cold and unfinished.  At Homelife we understand that flooring can make a big difference to the way you feel in your home and how expensive it can be.  Often we buy cheap flooring in order to save money and plan to fit it ourselves but this doesn’t happen, the carpet remains in the corner and the floor remains bare.  We want to make buying flooring and fitting it as straightforward and affordable as possible.

Carpet tiles and reclaimed carpet tiles in particular are high quality and hard wearing.  The carpet tiles we reclaim are of commercial quality and therefore designed to withstand a great deal of use, often we have received them after only a fraction of this use.

Carpet tiles require no separate underlay, our carpet tiles already have a backing.

If a carpet tile becomes damaged or stained than rather than having to fit a room full of new carpet you can just replace the affected tile.  This makes carpet tiles ideal for living rooms and children’s bedrooms.

Carpet tiles can be fitted easily and we are able to provide a local fitting service.  This means that it is not necessary to clear every item of furniture from a room and you can also put together some great designs.  Just take a look at our Case Studies page for some great examples and ideas.

Carpet tiles can increase the insulation in a room and therefore help reduce your fuel bills.  They can also provide sound insulation.

Take a look over at our FAQ pages for even more information or just contact us with your questions.